Nepal, Ridi Hydro: Common Equity—Uncommon Enthusiasm

Valuing A Public Offer of Equity Shares
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Companies seeking to tap into the capital markets by issuing common equity shares to the public in Nepal were mandated by law to issue such shares at face value, typically of Nepalese rupee (NPR) 100. Such pre-money valuation ignored the windfall gains likely on listing, for, when trading in the shares commenced, they were typically priced at a substantial premium over the issue price based on post-money valuation. Hydropower stocks in Nepal offered a welcome diversification for investors in a market dominated by banking and finance companies. Marginal costs of hydrokinetic generation were negligible: the income streams were considered stable and reasonably predictable. For most part, the product (electricity) was without substitute, and the market almost unlimited, both at home in Nepal, as well as for export to neighbors viz., India and Bangladesh.


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