Pattern of Agricultural Diversification in Odisha

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This chapter analyses the trends and patterns of agricultural diversification in Odisha. It is observed that there has been a significant change in the cropping pattern in the past few decades in the country as a whole as well in Odisha. The share of cereals in gross cropped area (GCA) was highest amongst other crops during 1970-71 to 2007-08. Moreover, the area devoted to food grains (cereals and pulses) was much higher in both the state and all India levels. However, diversification away from food grains was more prominent in Odisha in comparison to all India. In the state, diversification was found to be most remarkable towards pulses and oilseeds, though after 2000, the area under oilseeds has declined. There have been remarkable changes in the relative shares of various crops (with significant contribution of fruits and vegetables) in the gross value of crop output from agriculture in the past few decades. The uncertainty in the crop production sector has warranted special policy interventions for strengthening the ailing livestock sector, which can provide supplementary incomes to the farmers and can contribute to the gross state domestic product significantly.


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