Factors Influencing the Extent of Diversification in West Bengal

  • Debajit Roy
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Based on a micro-survey in some agro-economic regions in West Bengal, this chapter examines the conditions under which there has been greater diversification of cropping pattern, and the factors influencing the farmers’ decision regarding diversification. The study finds that the areas, endowed with assured water supply at cheap rates (mostly canal irrigation), concentrate more on production of cereals and traditional crops showing lower extent of crop diversification. However, in the areas, where farmers have to depend on private sources of water at high cost due to non-availability of publicly supplied irrigation system, they diversify away from water-intensive cereals and other traditional crops towards various other high value crops showing greater degree of diversification. Diversification in cropping pattern has occurred more in those cases, where farm households are in a position to provide more family labour for cultivation.


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