Monitoring and Evaluation of the Projects and Programs Supported by the Fund

  • Rita Pandey
  • Sanjay Bali
  • Nandita Mongia
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Existing framework and operations under the NCEF have been analysed in detail in Chaps.  2 and  3 and indirectly through Chap.  4. Several limitations regarding the structure of the NCEF fund have been linked to the absence of clear guidance on precisely defined targets the fund must achieve, and clear roadmaps to realize these targets. Further since there is little mention of any feedback mechanisms regarding disbursement and especially utilisation of the funds, monitoring and performance assessment of the fund as well as the projects it finances is missing from its current structure.

Monitoring and Performance Assessment

This chapter has addressed this limitation of the NCEF framework and has laid out in extensive detail, steps and measures that ensure a project is designed as per its objectives and monitored through well laid out indicator of performance during its implementation phase. Tools of evaluation are laid out here such that they allow for post project impact assessments...


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