Some Geometric Properties of Generalized Cesàro–Musielak–Orlicz Sequence Spaces

  • Atanu MannaEmail author
  • P. D. Srivastava
Conference paper
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A generalized Cesàro–Musielak–Orlicz sequence space \(Ces_\Phi (q)\) equipped with the Luxemberg norm is introduced. It is proved that \(Ces_\Phi (q)\) is a Banach space and also criteria for the coordinatewise uniformly Kadec–Klee property and the uniform Opial property are obtained.


Musielak–Orlicz function Riesz weighted mean Luxemberg norm Coordinatewise Kadec–Klee property Uniform Opial property 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010):

46B20 46B45 46A45 46A80 46E30 


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