Transforming Engineering Education: The Role of Engineering Educators in Making Meaningful Change

  • Khairiyah Mohd Yusof
Conference paper


Transformation of engineering education is taking place all over the world to address the needs of the twenty-first century. Gone are the days when engineering graduates will automatically gain employment; the world now does not need just any engineer – the world needs good engineers who are well prepared to take on the challenges of this century. Realizing these challenges, what is our role as engineering academics in this transformation? As individuals, how can an academic teaching engineering students transform engineering education? While we may feel powerless and doubt that what we do as individuals can make a difference, it is important to remember that transformation can take place at different levels: individual or grassroots, departmental or faculty, and institution and nationwide levels. While change can start from the top-down, sustaining it from the bottom-up is just as crucial.


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