Nanomaterials in Healthcare

  • Thomas Tumillo
  • Avijit Roy
  • Sahana Pentyala
  • Pooja Mysore
  • Srinivas N. Pentyala


The strength of a nation invariably depends upon the strength of every individual. Healthy citizens make a healthy and strong society. As a society, we started looking at expensive macroscopic high-tech solutions to solve many of our problems. With growing interests in the field of nanotechnology, looking microscopically at the problem to come up with solutions has generated a paradigm shift. Nanomaterials are currently being used in every branch of science, and particularly their use in healthcare opened up a new horizon to provide quality care to patients. The tools and therapies for diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and symptoms revolve around three important aspects – diagnostics, devices and drugs. Nanomaterial applications are now found in all these three aspects and are being effectively used in health care. New discoveries and inventions in the field of nanohealth care point to a bright future for the wellbeing of mankind. An introduction to nanomaterials in healthcare has been presented in this review.


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