Grassroots Solutions to Overcome Abiotic and Biotic Environmental Stress in Agriculture

  • Pawan Kumar Singh
  • Vivek Kumar
  • Nitin Maurya
  • Hardev Choudhary
  • Vipin Kumar
  • Anil K. Gupta


Agriculture systems, the world over, are evolving at a fast pace to meet various challenges like fluctuating precipitation pattern, warmer climate, depleting ground water resources, declining soil fertility, insect and pest resistance, etc. Fighting such challenges amid uncertainty, farmers have been continuously devising ingenious solutions. These are a testimony to their experimental efforts. Mostly derived from locally available resources, such solutions are low cost, frugal and easily replicable. These include improved crop varieties, agricultural practices for plant protection and production, or eco-friendly farm practices. This contribution of farmers for coping with environmental stresses and addressing food security problems is now slowly being recognised globally by scientific researchers. It is hoped that formal scientific institutions will try to build upon the coping strategies of creative farmers further, add value and develop innovative products and practices. Such a blending of the best of formal and informal science can only ensure a sustainable future for all by mitigating present and imminent agricultural challenges.


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  • Vivek Kumar
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  • Nitin Maurya
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  • Hardev Choudhary
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  • Vipin Kumar
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  • Anil K. Gupta
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