Interaction Partners of Connexin Proteins

  • Mahboob Ul Hussain
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For the functioning of proteins, they need be placed at a proper location in the cell. Connexins, being the membrane proteins, are to be delivered to the membrane for the assembly and establishment of gap junction communication. However, connexins are known to be multifunctional proteins, and the mere formation of gap junction communication does not explain all the potential functions influenced by the connexins. In addition to the gap junction communication, connexins are part of various protein complexes, which control various physiological processes of the cell. Thus, connexins not only help in intercellular communication but also mediate intracellular communication by interacting with many other proteins. The number and diversity in connexin-associating partners has increased steadily over the past years, implicating the importance of these interactions for the proper functioning of gap junctions. Below are discussed the various interaction partners of connexins and the role of these interactions in regulating various cell functions.


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