Epigenetic Regulation of Connexins

  • Mahboob Ul Hussain
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Besides regulation of connexin expression by the direct binding of transcription factors to their regulatory elements, various other epigenetic mechanisms are involved in the expression of connexin gene. Regulation at the epigenetic level is a prerequisite for other regulatory mechanisms to function. Epigenetic processes play an important role in the regulation of connexin gene expression. This type of regulation has important physiological significance, and any disruption in this type of regulation has severe consequences on the cell physiology. One such example is the role of epigenetic factors on the cell growth and proliferation. Connexins are known to regulate cell proliferation, and it is well established that they possess tumour suppressor function. Thus, it is anticipated that the connexins are the target of various epigenetic regulatory mechanisms. Involvement of various epigenetic mechanisms in connexin expression and function is discussed below.


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