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Basics of Robotic Instrumentation and Robotic-Assisted Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

  • Somashekhar SP


Carcinoma endometrium is a common genital cancer in women worldwide. Surgical management is the mainstay of initial treatment for majority of patients and comprehensive surgical staging guides in the postoperative adjuvant therapy. Minimally invasive surgery has gained acceptance for the surgical treatment of endometrial cancer as it is associated with fewer complications, shorter hospitalization, and faster recovery when compared with laparotomy [1–4]. Adoption of laparoscopic surgery for treatment of endometrial cancer has been slow, primarily because of a steep learning curve and limitations in obese women [5]. The benefits of robotic surgery as a minimally invasive surgical technique parallel those of traditional laparoscopy, with the added advantage of overcoming several barriers to the use of laparoscopy.


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