Do Nutrition Interventions Work in the Field? Reality Check

  • Nira Ramachandran


Desk reviews of nutrition interventions are a useful source of information, but cannot substitute for field-based assessments. This chapter derives from case studies of sample villages in two districts which are classified among those with the poorest child development indicators. As child and adult nutrition levels are positively correlated, it was felt that these districts could provide insights into the implementation of existing nutrition interventions and the impacts of these schemes, if any. The districts selected are the predominantly tribal district of Gumla in the state of Jharkhand and the desert district of Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan. While poverty and food insecurity in Gumla is much more severe than that in Jaisalmer, intra-district disparities at the village level are evident in the functioning of government programmes, both districts recording successes and failures, though the causal factors may differ.


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