• Ankita Varshney
  • Mohammad Anis


Trees are major sources of food, fodder, oils, medicines, fuel, wood, fibres and timber. In many developing countries like India, the exploitation of trees is continuously increasing with population growth. Due to increased anthropogenic activities, the status of woody trees especially forest trees is greatly affected. Therefore, there is a great need to conserve forest ecosystems by agro-technology. Of the various facets of biotechnology which demand immediate application in woody trees, the reproducible protocols for regeneration of clonal plants through axillary shoot multiplication are outstanding. Biotechnological interventions for in vitro regeneration, mass micropropagation and gene transfer methods in forest tree species have been practised with success especially in the past decade. Also, propagation of woody trees through tissue culture has many advantages over conventional propagation methods like fast multiplication of the important genotypes, quick release of improved cultivars, production of disease-free plants, season-independent production of plants, germplasm conservation and facilitating their easy exchange. Keeping in mind the efficacy of micropropagation, the domino effects or results obtained during the study in Balanites aegyptiaca have been discussed in the light of existing literature on the subject.


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