Review of Literature

  • Ankita Varshney
  • Mohammad Anis


Gottlieb Haberlandt (Math Naturwiss 111:69–92 1902), a German plant physiologist, for the first time initiated the work on tissue culture. His work arose as a research tool and attempts were made to culture the isolated, fully differentiated cells in nutrient medium in vitro as early as 1898. The theoretical basis of tissue culture lies in the cell theory given by Schleiden and Schwann (1838–1839). Practically, this technique stands on the concept of “totipotency,” i.e., each cell has the ability to regenerate into a new plant. The field finds a wide range of applications starting from mass clonal propagation to plant improvement, molecular biology, bio-processing as well as a basic research tool. It has advanced the production in forestry and agriculture to many folds. There are a number of reviews published on tissue culture of woody and tree species which provide the wide-ranging micropropagation reports of various plant species. In this way, this chapter highlights the current review in tree tissue culture in vitro and micropropagation of other valuable plants, their significance, and the wide scope existing for investigations on mass multiplication and conservation of these plants.


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