Biofuels from Green Microalgae

  • P. Sharma
  • M. B. Khetmalas
  • G. D. Tandon


Increasing demands of fossil fuels and pollution caused by them run parallel to hinder the ecological balance leading to green house gases effect. Biofuel production from renewable feedstocks has become a prerequisite for nations worldwide. Microalgal biomass serves as a renewable and ecofriendly source of clean biofuel production for complete replacement of fossil fuels in the near future. The current review reveals the credits of algal technology in the current era of upcoming white biotechnology with reference to the biofuels production and the process and methodology of their generation from green microalgae. With the landmark advancements in phytoplankton area of research, the capital investment cost for green fuel production from microalgal feedstock would come down to competing prices to make clean fuel at commercial scale a reality.


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