Nitrite Biosensors: Analytical Tools for Determination of Toxicity Due to Presence of Nitrite Ions

  • V. Dhull
  • A. Gahlaut
  • A. Gothwal
  • J. S. Duhan
  • V. Hooda


The chapter reviews the current state of art in the field of nitrite sensors based on electrochemical transducers with their salient features and wide application in healthcare, food industry, environmental monitoring, etc. Increased anthropogenic activities, rased the concentration of nitrite to alarming situation, directly putting an adverse effect on environment and natural habitat, and is of serious health concern. The issue of nitrites toxicity led to the implementation of rules to restrict their level in drinking waters and foodstuffs. From the last 20 years, the growing need of portable tool for onsite nitrite analysis leads to outburst of numerous approaches for development of efficient nitrate biosensors. The present review provides the global perspective in regard to nitrate biosensors with diverse fabrication strategies and materials adopted. Use of different fabrication strategies, leading to improved performance of biosensors, is also discussed.


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Authors are thankful to Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, for providing JRF fellowship (INSPIRE) to first author. The authors are also thankful to UGC and DST New Delhi for providing financial assistance to Centre for Biotechnology, M D University, Rohtak (India).


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