Preclinical Models of Acute and Chronic Models of Lung Inflammation

  • Ena Ray Banerjee


While studies have been done with various antagonists, small molecule and monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, to inhibit a target (receptor, enzyme,peptide channel etc.) to investigate its role, saturation and specificity is always an issue. To avoid this caveat, we used a knockout mouse, so that we could validate or contradict earlier data. Of interest, often in drug discovery or target validation, a role of a molecule in a cell or a particular tissue may be investigated by chartering a certain phenomenon in its absence, that is how the physiology reestablished homeostasis despite the absence of a key molecule which ultimately defines its criticality.


Lung Parenchyma Peak Inspiratory Flow Periodic Acid Schiff Staining Racemic Albuterol Sircol Collagen Assay 
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