Metagenomics: The Exploration of Unculturable Microbial World

  • G. K. Joshi
  • J. Jugran
  • J. P. Bhatt


Metagenomics refers to the direct extraction and analysis of the DNA from an assemblage of microorganisms for accessing genomic wealth of microorganisms which cannot be cultivated in the laboratory by conventional methods. Given the fact that only 1 % of total microorganisms of an environmental sample are actually culturable, advancement in metagenomic studies has far increased our access to the genes of microbial community that remained uncultured so far. In today’s world where products of microbial origin have proved their utility in almost every sphere of life, metagenomic studies have become highly important as it gives a clue to the hidden wealth of microbial world. This chapter deals with various aspects of metagenomics.


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