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Invasive fungal sinusitis is defined as the presence of fungal hyphae within the mucosa, submucosa, bone, or blood vessels on histopathology [1]. Once considered a rare disorder, today it is being reported with increasing frequency around the world. Invasive zygomycosis followed by invasive aspergillosis is an important concern in India as the world’s highest number of cases of zygomycosis is reported from here [2]. It is often misdiagnosed or there is a delay in diagnosis resulting in high rate of morbidity as well as mortality. Successful patient outcome depends on high index of clinical suspicion; adequate and appropriate sinus biopsies; rapid microbiological, pathological, and radiological diagnosis; followed by prompt aggressive and concomitant surgical debridement, antifungal treatment, and management of the underlying or predisposing metabolic or other systemic disorders.


Aplastic Anemia Invasive Aspergillosis Systemic Disorder Acquire Immunodeficiency Syndrome Fungal Hypha 
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