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On-chip spiral inductors are extensively used in analog, mixed signal and radio frequency integrated circuits. High performance on-chip inductors have become increasingly important and with the increasing frequencies of operation of the circuits, the on-chip inductors have gained even more importance [1]. Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology has been widely adopted for its mature and mass productivity [2, 3]. Steady improvements in the radio frequency characteristics of CMOS devices via scaling is driven by advancement in lithography. It has enabled increased integration of RF functions. Spiral inductors are widely used even at microwave frequencies and their applications in millimeter-wave circuits are investigated [4]. In this chapter a brief summary of the silicon integrated passive devices is given in Sect. 1.1. An introduction to on-chip inductor is presented in Sect. 1.2. The losses in the conductor and the substrate are also explained. An overview of the evolution and progress of the on-chip inductor with a review on the integrated inductor design is presented in Sect. 1.3. The design complexity and performance issues are also discussed.


Metal Layer Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Passive Device Metal Insulator Metal Inductor Structure 
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