Corporate Misdemeanour: The Business of Business Is Business?

  • Shashank Shah
  • V. E. Ramamoorthy
Part of the India Studies in Business and Economics book series (ISBE)


Modern society functions on the premise that one can gain only at another’s cost. In the 1960s, business was reigning supreme and looked at its critics with disdain. It deemed any opposition as inconsequential, and expected whatever complaints there were, to die down. Later, in the face of mounting public pressure, companies appeared to be mellowing down their attitude and were willing to concede that there were some societal concerns. Subsequently, when confronted with a fairly alert and well-informed public and well-organised and demanding social activists, companies tended to turn defensive and started to make tall but hollow claims about their social commitments, to keep the critics at bay. They asserted that they were unquestionably right always. The decade of the 1990s was witness to a spate of corporate misdemeanours, and the trend does not seem to subside.


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