The World Today: Paradoxes Galore

  • Shashank Shah
  • V. E. Ramamoorthy
Part of the India Studies in Business and Economics book series (ISBE)


Planet Earth, the only known habitat of Man, has bountiful resources to meet his needs, but not enough to sustain his plunder and greed. Surprisingly, humans seem to be in the process of eating up the planet! They are yet to wake up to their primary obligation to protect Mother Earth from harm and damage, revere nature and refrain from mindless depletion of natural resources. The Human Development Report (2009) refers to the underlying inequalities in the global distribution of capabilities, which tend to get further compounded by policy distortions, with adverse effects on human development. Humanity has already had to pay a heavy price for transgressing the supreme and universal laws of nature. It is time it relents and makes amends.


Chemical Oxygen Demand Global Warming Soil Erosion Clean Development Mechanism Ozone Depletion 


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