• Sarmila Banerjee
  • Anjan Chakrabarti


This book deals with the emerging Indian economic map materializing in the backdrop of the phenomena of globalization and sustainability following two decades of liberalization policies. Globalization and sustainability are our chosen entry points which allow us to organize our story in a manner that is able to highlight the essential ideas, events, breaks, problems, as also the rise of new kinds of institutions, relationships, and engagements that are connected to the epochal transition of the Indian economy. Our intervention is as much on method as it is on substance which is indicated by a variety of new methodological approaches, corpus of concepts, and style of reasoning that move beyond the conventional system and known territories of coverage. The story of the Indian economy that emerges from our foray is of a new Order of Things punctuated with novel problems, crises, and modes of intervention by the state that are not comparable to what existed during the planning era.


Informal Sector Indian Economy Global Capitalism Global Integration Inclusive Development 
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