Variables, Measurement, and Scaling Technique

  • Pradip Kumar Sahu


The objective of a research is to search the hidden truth of the universe for the betterment of humanity. In doing, so a population is studied by its characteristics. The different characteristics of any population are also different in nature. If one wants to study the students (population), then the characteristics of these students are required to be studied. The different characteristics of students like age, intelligence, height, weight, economic conditions, race, gender, etc., are also required to be studied. All these characteristics mentioned above vary from student to student, and while studying the student population, one must take into account the above characteristics along with other varied characteristics. Similarly if one wants to study the production behavior of food grains of any country to meet the challenges of food and nutritional requirements, a researcher is required to study not only the time series information of each and every component of the food crops but also their variations over the different component states/provinces of the country concerned. Thus, studying a population is always related with studying “variabilities” of the characteristics/entities under consideration.


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