Research is an endeavor to know the facts from the unknown. All inventions are the results of inquiry. Doubts are often preferred over confidence, because doubts lead to inquiry and inquiry leads to invention. Research may be carried out being motivated by the desire to know or to gather knowledge or by the desire to solve problems on hand. In the latter case, one need not identify the problems, but in the former case, a researcher needs to identify the problems. One thing must be clear that when we talk about a research problem, it is generally having a reference to a descriptive or hypothesis testing type of research. An exploratory or formulative type of research generally does not start with identifications of the problems—its objective is to find out the problems or the hypothesis. Generally all the problems are not researchable; to be researchable, the problem must satisfy certain criteria:


Research Problem Relevant Field Ample Scope Vague Objective Inseparable Part 
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