Sketching Tagore as a Social Activist

  • Arup Maharatna


I am not oblivious of one’s enough guts required to call the giant poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore, a social activist, especially while celebrating the occasion of the anniversary of his birth at the completion of one and half centuries. But it is my confident conviction that it would be no small a tribute to him if we recall, recognise, and evaluate. Tagore more adequately and comprehensively than ever before as an activist had remained in his entire creative life immensely concerned, tirelessly active, and deeply thoughtful about rural material poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, superstitions, and such other social evils in our country, and also about the ideals and notions of development and their environmental ramifications and remedies. As would be argued here, it is important not to get Tagore’s ideas, thoughts, visions, and actions in various spheres of socio-economic transformation (especially among the poor insecure rural masses) overshadowed by our overwhelming appreciation and recognition of his colossal literary and philosophical contributions and creations in the forms of poetry, songs, novels, stories, drama, and art.


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