Migration, Mediocrity, and Misery

  • Arup Maharatna


Migrations and movements of human populations have always been an integral element of the history of mankind. The evidence and imprint of incessant population movements from one place to other are much too germane to deserve a special mention, even for those who have very limited consciousness about the vast history of human civilisation. Some scholars have devoted almost entire lifetime to comprehending this human phenomenon more deeply and more comprehensively. Indeed, some have arrived at quite a few general patterns and causes of migration. Recall that the rise of continents of America—widely regarded as a seat of contemporary advancements in science, technology, and material level of living—is broadly attributable to the historical quake of intercontinental migration from Western Europe, beginning from sixteenth century. Likewise, there is no dearth of historical evidence of downfalls of human civilisation in specific locations of the globe chiefly through large-scale emigration of people, especially those with quality and skill.


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