Enzymatic Glycosylation of Alcohols



Chapters 7, 8 and 9 deal with enzymatic glycosylation. Glycosylation of alcohols (Chap. 7), water-soluble and water-insoluble phenols (Chap. 8) and water-soluble and water-insoluble vitamins (Chap. 8) involve glycosidases like amyloglucosidases from a Rhizopus mould, β-glucosidase from sweet almond and β-glucosidases immobilised onto calcium alginate beads. The results from comparative studies of the preparation in shake flasks under nonsolvent conditions – employing substrate itself as the solvent or in presence of solvents and by reflux method employing di-isopropyl ether – are discussed.


Enzyme Concentration Lauryl Alcohol Critical Micellar Concentration Central Composite Rotatable Design Stearyl Alcohol 


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