Application of Mulch, Geotextiles and Amendments

  • Subodh Kumar Maiti


Primary use of mulching is to control of erosion on disturbed areas. Additionally, it increases soil moisture, increase infiltration and promote germination of plant seeds. Mulching and matting protect the soil surface from the forces of raindrop impact and overland flow. Mulch and mats foster the growth of vegetation, reduce evaporation and insulate the soil. Spoil surface is stabilised by the application of mulches, stabilisers and binders, and amendments. Before application of any stabiliser, spoil pH should be corrected to around 6.0–7.5 by addition of lime (acidic spoil) or gypsum (alkaline spoil), as the case may be.


Sewage Sludge Mine Spoil Super Absorbent Polymer Raindrop Impact Mulch Material 
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