Data Management

  • J. P. Verma


In today’s world of information technology, enormous data is generated in every organization. These data can help in strategic decision-making process. It is therefore important to store such data in a warehouse so that effective mining can be done later for getting answers to many of the management issues. Data warehousing and data mining are therefore two important disciplines in the present-day scenario. Research in any discipline is carried out in order to minimize inputs and effectively utilizing the human resources, production techniques, governing principles, marketing policies, and advertisement campaigns to maximize outputs in the form of productivity. To be more specific, one may be interested to identify new forms of resources, devise organizational systems and practices to motivate culturally diverse set of individuals, and evaluate the existing organizations so as to make them more productive to the new demands on them. Besides, there may be any number of other issues like effective leadership, skill enhancement, process innovation, risk management, customer relationships, emerging global order and guiding the evolution of technology, etc., where the researcher can make an effective contribution.


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