Offshore Pricing with Onshore Management: A Case Study in Innovation and Technology Management

  • Gokul Bhandari
  • Rudra Pandey
  • Gerry Kerr
Conference paper


This chapter is a case study on Deerwalk, Inc., a premier healthcare software company located in Lexington, Massachusetts. Founded in June 2009 by Dr. Rudra Pandey after the establishment, development and phenomenal success of D2Hawkeye leading to its eventual acquisition by Verisk, Deerwalk appears to be well poised for another round of similar growth and accomplishment as before. The primary goal of this study is to understand Deerwalk’s (DW, hereafter) core competency and strategic advantage which has enabled the company to grow and become profitable in today’s highly competitive software development business. The information needed for writing this case has primarily come from the interviews with DW’s Executive Chairman, Dr. Rudra Pandey and from various case studies published by the company.


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  1. 1.Odette School of BusinessUniversity of WindsorWindsorCanada
  2. 2.Deerwalk Inc.LexingtonUSA

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