An Empirical Investigation into the Extent of Green IT Practices in Sri Lanka’s Data Centers: A Case Study Approach

  • Nadeera Ahangama
  • Kennedy D. Gunawardana
Conference paper


The objective of this research is to study the extent of the use of green IT practices by data centers in Sri Lanka. In this research, we review the literature of globally accepted green IT practices and, by means of nine case studies in the finance sector, explore the extent of green implementation in affecting the environment sustainability. Cross-case synthesis of implementation scores of different cases indicates that virtualization and consolidation are at a higher significance of execution, where other practices are at a poor implementation rate. Research findings summarize several implementation gaps and flaws in the current green execution.


Data Center Electricity Consumption Life Cycle Management Network Equipment Green Practice 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of ComputingAsia Pacific Institute of Information TechnologyColombo 02Sri Lanka
  2. 2.Department of AccountingUniversity of Sri JayewardenepuraNugegodaSri Lanka

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