Project Nemmadi: The Bytes and Bites of E-Governance in Karnataka, India

  • Madhuchhanda Das Aundhe
  • Ramesh Narasimhan
Conference paper


This case documents the challenges involved in adoption of Nemmadi, an e-governance project initiated in 2004 by the government of Karnataka. Nemmadi was conceived to deliver services to rural citizens across 800 hoblis in the state. This was the first large-scale workflow-based e-governance project using a public-private partnership (PPP) model to deliver 38 services. Nemmadi had received bouquets and brickbats. Mr. Naveen, the new principal secretary, had to assess the success of Nemmadi and do what he could to transform Nemmadi into a truly village-level Citizen Service Center (CSC) paving the way for an e-governance revolution.


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