Self-managing the Performance of Distributed Computing Systems – An Expert Control Solution

  • G. Ravi Kumar
  • C. Muthusamy
  • A. Vinaya Babu
  • Raj N. Marndi
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 174)


The advent of internet and cloud computing trends is increasing the complexity of IT Infrastructures very rapidly. The non-functional requirements availability and performance are becoming increasingly important. IT Service providers constantly facing challenges to meet the performance related SLAs defined with Enterprise Customers. To meet such demands, IT environments are built with self-managing capabilities. Autonomic Computing has emerged to support self-managing features using the feedback control systems. There are investigations in using control systems in different areas of computing such as computer networking, database systems, data centers and distributed computing systems in enterprise and cloud environments. We observe that there is a need for an end-to-end solution starting from design and modeling of the software, deploying and runtime management that enables in building self-managing. In this paper we propose an end-to-end Expert Control System Solution for Distributed Computing Systems and discuss its application in Java Enterprise environments.


Fuzzy Control Cloud Environment Distribute Computing System Autonomic Computing Intelligent Controller 
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  • C. Muthusamy
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  • A. Vinaya Babu
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  • Raj N. Marndi
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