Execute and Evolve the Flowing Stream

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The strategy cycle gets completed with its execution and feedback for further evolution. Strategy execution gives feedback to the strategic crystal at two levels. On one hand, it strives for reassessment of continuity and change forces, and it reflects on the adaptation of targets of strategic factors, on the other. This would result into adaptation and realignment of strategic trajectories. For this purpose, two frameworks are presented in this chapter: SAP–LAP (situation, actor, process–learning, action, performance) and four aces (align, automate, act, and adapt). The SAP–LAP framework is rooted into the learning paradigm and treats the enterprise as an evolving flowing stream. The four aces framework would facilitate effective execution of strategic trajectory. Both these frameworks are related to the flexible strategy game-card (discussed in Chap. 13) as a deployment and performance management system.


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