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Deepak, 23 years old, was an M.Sc. Physics student. One of the first research participants, I met him initially as a part of the group of students to whom I presented my research idea in order to enlist their participation. He was a curious and active part of the discussion and struck me as someone earnest, with a serious look and reflective mind. I contacted him after a week and we decided to meet. During the research relationship that spawned over five interactions, he shared his life journey with eagerness. He startled me by telling me at the start that before the first meeting, he had locked himself in his room for a day to ruminate over his life and to discover the reasons of his personality. He added that for him, life was a quest to know the truths of the world and its people. He was given to a habit of indulging in deliberate strenuous introspection about his own self and observation of others’ lives. The empathic and non-judgmental interpersonal communication space was used by him to express his understandings of his life’s events and experiences that had influenced him and shaped his personality. The first two interactions were depressive outbursts in which there was a palpable emotional distress and need to release it. In the latter two interactions, the pressure of his emotion was less, but life themes of inferiority and isolation kept recurring through the conversations. He spoke with sadness and bitterness about how he was caught in the matrix of parental control and obedience because of which he could not take the decisions and make choices for himself and felt suppressed and divided within himself. His two ‘failure’ experiences—one of not getting through IIT for engineering and second of not winning the love of a girl—and the frustrations that he felt in the last 4–5 years were his standpoint from where he wove his life story.


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