I met Praveen through a common friend when he was on a short stopover in Delhi while returning back from Mussorrie where he had gone to attend a workshop on self-knowledge. As three of us basked in the sun in a park, we had some interesting exchanges on spirituality, psychology and social action. A soft-spoken, articulate person in his mid-20s, he spoke about the ideas of J. Krishnamurthy, Gandhi’s Swaraj and shared his travel experiences of the past 45 days meeting friends and visiting set-ups where people were experimenting with community living in harmony with nature. He joked about his nonworking status as I vented my exhaustion of managing several jobs together. He showed curiosity in the research and my observations about young people, and so I asked him if he would be interested in sharing his personal journey. Since he was returning a day after, we met the subsequent day for a research interaction, and I developed few themes over emails.


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