Cognitive Therapy (CT)

  • Koushiki Choudhury


According to cognitive therapy (CT), the way we think about events influences how we feel and behave. In other words, it’s not the adverse event that makes us unhappy; it’s how we think about and view the event that does it. It’s one’s opinions, thoughts and beliefs about unfortunate events that affect one’s feelings, behaviour and subsequent actions. The hallmark of CT is that if thoughts and beliefs do not change, there is no improvement in one’s mental condition. If thoughts and beliefs change, symptoms change. Dysfunctional feelings and behaviour are caused due to dysfunctional thinking. Hence, if we can change our thinking, we will change the way we feel and behave. After identifying and analysing inaccurate, negative, irrational and distorted thoughts, CT seeks to replace these thoughts with more rational, healthy and realistic ones. CT has been widely tested scientifically and found to be effective for many kinds of emotional problems including anxiety, depression, fears, anger management, addiction problems, personality disorders, phobias, obsessional disorders, somatization disorders, panic disorders and numerous severe psychiatric disorders as well.


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