Contemporary Corporate Environment

  • N. K. Singh
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Organizations, being a part of social climate, import values from the society to a large extent. As a result, organizations, too, suffer from the blind spots of the work values created by an uncertain climate not conducive to planning and smooth functioning. The question, therefore, is whether social transformation only can change organizational behaviour. Our researches show that the impact is in terms of two-way traffic. Organizations, being a part of the total system, that is society, also affect social life. If some behavioural patterns or values are cherished by the leadership of an organization, the same will have an effect on conditioning the attitudes of the people who work in it. Consequently, it will be carried back to the environment and, thus, will start the process of change. It is true that when the social values do not match with the required values in an organization, much more planning and effort is needed to bring about the desired change in the organization.


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