Application of Stem Cells in Hair Restoration Surgery

  • Damkerng Pathomvanich
  • Radha R. Palakurthi


Stem cells have been sought for the treatment of various medical conditions, for facial rejuvenation, and for various anti-aging techniques [1]. Over the past decade many research centers have extracted stem cells from different parts of the human body such as placenta, bone marrow, whole blood, abdominal fat, and omentum.


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  • Damkerng Pathomvanich
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  • Radha R. Palakurthi
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  1. 1.DHT ClinicBangkokThailand
  2. 2.Bumrungrad HospitalBangkok
  3. 3.India
  4. 4.Hair Restoration Surgery, DHT ClinicISHRSBangkokThailand

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