Graft Dissection in Super Mega-Session: My Personal Technique

  • Jerry Wong


I will restrict my comments on graft dissections not to the mechanics of how to dissect grafts but to staff utilization for these large sessions. Our full surgical team consists of ten surgical assistants, and when everyone is present we are slightly overstaffed. For cost efficiency, 4000 to 4500 grafts can be done comfortably with six or seven experienced staff members, but if more than one member is off work for reasons of holiday or illness, then it can be quite stressful to work understaffed. If those away are key members then it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to do large sessions. It is much more comfortable to have the extra help and not have to worry about shortages. With the extra help, the inserters (key members) do not have to worry about graft dissections and can concentrate on placing grafts. The majority of our staff can sliver, dissect and place grafts, and the goal is to eventually have everyone proficient at doing all three jobs.


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