Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Glycoconjugates

  • Toshiyuki Inazu


Synthesis of glycoconjugate is one of the most important difficulties in carbohydrate chemistry. Although many chemical synthetic methods have been developed, the synthesis of glycoconjugates with natural glycan is difficult. Chemo-enzymatic syntheses of glycoconjugates using several kinds of enzymes have been reported. Sialic acid transferase has been used for the synthesis of sialo glycopeptides (Tanaka et al. 2006). Glycosylated amino acid derivative prepared using digestion of the peptide bond of glycoprotein by protease has also been applied to the synthesis of sialo glycopeptides (Yamamoto et al. 2003). In addition, the transglycosylation reaction by endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC has proved to be a useful method for glycoconjugate synthesis (Scheme 1).


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