Development of MS Method for the Analysis of Sugar Peptide

  • Katsutoshi Takahashi


Structural analysis of glycopeptide, positioning the carbohydrate chain as well as its peptide sequencing and carbohydrate sequencing, is quite important for elucidating a function of the glycoprotein. Structural information of N-linked glycopeptide, in particular the kind of N-glycan attached and its position on the peptide, can be determined partially after the treatment with peptide-N-glycosidase F (PNGase F) under 18O water. The released N-glycan structural information can be identified by MS n analysis using mass spectrometer (MS) such as quadrupol ion trap (QIT) MS. The traces of the N-glycan attachments on the PNGase F digested peptide can be detected by MS/MS amino acid sequencing, by which the mass of the N-glycan attached amino acid shifts +2 Da. However, when multiple different N-glycans are attached to a peptide, there is no way to identify the attached position of each N-glycan.


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