Siglec Family

  • Takashi Angata


Siglec family is the largest-known group of vertebrate lectins that recognize sialylated glycans (Fig. 1A; Varki and Angata 2006). Humans have more than 10 Siglecs, most of which are expressed on the cells in the immune system. Most Siglecs also interact with proteins involved in intracellular signaling. Different species have different set of Siglecs (Angata 2006), and the glycan binding specificity of each Siglec differs markedly (Blixt et al. 2003). Glycan recognition is essential for Siglec function (Poe et al. 2004). Therefore, it is essential to know the glycan-binding specificity of each Siglec to understand its higher-order function.


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