Biological Control of the Japanese Pine Sawyer Beetle, Monochamus alternatus

  • Mitsuaki Shimazu


Chemicals are traditionally used to prevent the spread of pine wilt disease, but these chemicals may pose environmental and human health hazards and as such it is necessary to study other possible controls. “Biological control” is a method of controlling or managing pests by using natural organisms such as predators, parasites or other natural mechanisms, for example, the use of natural enemies to lower the pest insect population, mating disruption with pheromones, and inoculation of avirulent viruses to protect against virulent viruses. This is the broad definition of biological control; however when the control agent is not a living organism itself, but a derivative of a living organism the term biorational control is used.


Natural Enemy Bark Beetle Nonwoven Fabric Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Pine Wilt Disease 
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