Vector-Nematode Relationships and Epidemiology in Pine Wilt Disease

  • Katsumi Togashi


Pine wilt is a serious, infectious disease of susceptible pines, occuring in North America, East Asia, and Portugal (Yang and Wang 1989; Kishi 1995; Mota et al. 1999). The disease is caused by the pine wood nematode (PWN), Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and is vectored by cerambycid beetles in the genus Monochamus (Kiyohara and Tokushige 1971; Mamiya and Enda 1972; Linit 1988; Fig. III.7). Monochamus beetles deposit their eggs in PWN-killed trees. The PWN reproduces in such trees and adult beetles acquire the nematode when they emerge from such dead trees, beginning another cycle of the disease.


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