Vector-Host Tree Relationships and the Abiotic Environment

  • Katsunori Nakamura-Matori


Some cerambycid beetles of the genus Monochamus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) are known vectors of the pine wood nematode (PWN). These include M. alternatus in East Asia (Mamiya and Enda 1972; Morimoto and Iwasaki 1972; Lee et al. 1990; Yang 2004), M. saltuarius in Japan (Sato et al. 1987), M. carolinensis in North America (Linit et al. 1983), and M. galloprovincialis in Portugal (Sousa et al. 2001). Among these vectors, M. alternatus has been most intensively investigated, especially in Japan, because of its relatively long history and importance as a vector of the PWN. The purpose here is to review the literature focusing on the biology of M. alternatus.


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