Monitoring of Urban Infrastructure and Environment by Use of Remote Sensing

  • Yoshifumi Yasuoka
Part of the cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration book series (LSUR, volume 5)


Degradation of infrastructure and environment has become a critical social problem in most cities of the world during the past decade. Asian megacities in particular have suffered serious damage from earthquakes or floods. On a local scale, we have experienced building collapse or dangerous concrete block falls in railway tunnels or under highway bridges due to concrete disintegration. Environmental degradation has also been serious in urban areas and air pollution and water quality deterioration have had fatal impacts on urban life. While rapid urbanization has provided increased convenience and benefit for the inhabitants, on the other hand, it has caused serious problems and has sometimes prejudiced urban safety and sustainability.


Normalize Difference Vegetation Index Geographic Information System Land Surface Temperature Synthetic Aperture Radar Airborne Laser Scanner 
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