Stock Management of Civil Engineering Infrastructure in Asia

  • Kazumasa Ozawa
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Infrastructure development, which can help distribute resources and serve as a base of service delivery, is indispensable to the welfare of human society and development. The quality and efficiency of infrastructure have a great influence on the quality of life of the people, social soundness, and economic activity. The Romans, for example, developed an extensive road network, built aqueducts and bridges, and thus helped cement their empire. The provision of infrastructure supported the economic development of every country in the world, and superior infrastructure systems have contributed greatly to an improvement in the overall quality of life. This paper is designed to introduce some views on infrastructure management and stock management in the countries of Asia. It focuses on management aspects of the civil engineering infrastructure, i.e. it excludes buildings

Figure 1-1 shows the economic development in Asian countries (the gross national income per capita from 1960 to the present). Compared to Southeast Asia and South Central Asia, East Asia has experienced a far faster economic growth over this period. Infrastructure is indispensable to the welfare of human society as well as economic development


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