How do germ cell tumors in infants and children differ from those in postpubertal males and females?


Germ cell tumors (GCTs) in the pediatric population differ significantly from adult GCTs in several respects. First, the incidence is much lower than in adults. Second, GCTs occur more commonly at extragonadal sites during the first several years. Third, except for ovarian dysgerminoma, which develops in girls after age 8, teratoma and yolk sac tumor (YST) are the only GCTs in this age group. The sacrococcygeal region is the most common extragonadal site, and teratoma is the most common type at this location. In the testis, YST is more common than teratoma, whereas in the ovary teratoma is more common than YST and there are twice as many mature teratomas as the immature type. YST is malignant. Teratoma is benign in children. Although the presence of immature elements per se does not affect prognosis, immature teratoma of high grade is significantly associated with foci of YST and higher stages of the disease. The overall prognosis is still excellent.


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